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The step of the filter layer, dust, smoke and dirt.
With a special material layer to help purify the air and get rid of germs
Sponsored links Air purifier, Air conditioner, Car air conditioner.The filter layer of the surgical protective mask The first layer is coated with antiseptics, viruses and bacteria.
2 layers of carbon, eliminate dust and odor, 3 layers fine fabric, 4 layers of air.The new Multi-layer air filter efficiency technology consists of multiple filter layers.
Coarse fibers, carbon layers, HEPA filter, fabric layers, air purification layer, protecting against PM2.5. Filter control isolated minimal icon. Web icon set music settingset of air icons, such as air filter, temperature, air purifier, dustProtective mask for the N95 or KN95 filter material. The 5-layer filter system of the mask protects against viruses. Bacteria and dust, PM 2.5, coated with antiseptic, fine fabrics and materials.5 layer filter material for protective mask
First, carbon sheet. The second layer is thick and dustproof.
Layer 3, spit prevention, layer 4, fine fibers, air purification,Air purifier. Air filter icon. Solid Particle and Bacterial Filter.