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Cartoon faces. Expressive eyes and mouth, smiling, crying and surprised character face expressions. Caricature comic emotions or emoticon doodle. Isolated vector illustration icons setFeelings vector illustration. Flat tiny behavior expression persons concept. Various emotions and mood changes. Abstract simple gesture collection set with positive and negative elements. PMS symptomsFeedback concept design, emotions scale background and bannerGroup of people covering their faces with masks expressing positive emotions. Concept of hiding personality or individuality, psychological problem. Flat cartoon colorful vector illustration.Set of Emoji Colored Flat Icons. Vector Set of Emoticons. Sad and Happy Mood Icons. Vote Scale Symbol Set.Person, emotions, mask, face, mood concept. Hand drawn person changes different emotions concept sketch. Isolated vector illustration.Emoji icon set of satisfaction level. Simple feedback in form of emotions in flat style. Customer feedback. Range to assess the emotions Excellent, good, normal, bad, awful symbols Vector illustrationA young brunette woman in a red dress and holds masks with different emotions.She is tired of the fact that constantly has to play a role, change the mask.The girl got confused in her emotions. Vector

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Left right human brain concept. Creative part and logic part with social and business doodleEmotional intelligence conceptJuggling emotions, flat tiny persons vector illustration. Personal traits and self awareness emotional intelligence. Controlling impulses and mental activity reactions. Exploring inner personality.Human emotion mind map, positive and negative emotions, flowchart concept for presentations and reportsEmoticons set. Emoji faces emoticon smile, digital smiley expression emotion feelings, chat messenger cartoon emotes. Vector illustration iconsHeart and Brain concept, conflict between emotions and rational thinking, teamwork and balance between soul and intelligence. Vector logo or icon design.Heart and brain on scales. Balance, love, mind, intelligence, logic concept. Flat style. EPS 8 vector illustration, no transparencyCustomer satisfaction meter with different emotions Vector illustration. Scale color with arrow from red to green and the scale of emotions. The measuring device icon- sign tachometer